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November 22, 2014

What im did to myself

so today im gonna tell u guys about my daily makeup  to looking great and more confident with everyone, but before that about new shopping mall yang dah bukak dekat putrajaya and yes near with my house oh ya my mom mesti suka gila nak shopping it was excited to me sebab anak dia pun nak tumpang sekaki. But today my mom bought me a new makeup for me and thank you so much mother. im the person who is passion in makeup so dont ask me la why i love that stuff. 

my types of makeup that i wear everyday

- foundation Nyx , Maybelline , Mac, Bobbi brown : even some of them are not too expensive but to me it worth it for those     love makeup, it  can make your face become more flawless * i think so ,to me yaa

-powder foundation Nyx, Revlon, Mac : for powder foundation u just put it after foundation cream and wear the powder foundation

-blusher Nyx , Avon , 2 in it ,   : for blusher i more prefer the brown one that can make my face more natural, and i will       choose the darker brown blush it because the darker one also can be as my bronzer so 2 in 1,suitable for me and i really love it, for those who  like to buy that colour i suggest nyx cosmetic laa sbb banyak plihan colour and kalau others brand pun bnyk jugak but for yg nk mula try makeup boleh guna Nyx 

-eyebrow  : for eyebrow depends on your guys punya kening warna laa and jangan laa sampai pakai terlalu fake kening tu sampai orng pun boleh nampak just cukup syarat ,actually kening ni untuk orng yg keningnya nipis but nowadays ramai yang cukur kening supaya senang nak lukis

-mascara : mascara buat mata kita nampak lebih panjang and ala-ala gaya arab kononya heheh.

-lips : kalau lips suka semua jenis colour that i have and i need to buy more as my collection love it !!

Tips : pakai makeup dengan niat nak cantik and looking more confident sbb kalau niat kita baik makeup yang kita pakai nampak cantik 

my makeup collection


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